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Who We Are

We are not a recruitment consultancy per se, but a delivery model that happens to use people to execute it. We provide the most experienced and skilled professionals to deliver our clients’ requirement competently, efficiently and successfully. Hence our candidates provide the best value for money.

How It Works


Identify Your Requirements

ICA will work with you to assess your requirements in detail
What are the required outcomes?
Where are the gaps? (capacity, skills, expertise)
What are delivery timelines?

Co-Design a Plan

ICA will co-design a bespoke delivery framework with you
- Consultations
- Placements


ICA will work in constant feedback loop with clients, experts and placements (as required) until delivery

What We Do

Our team connects our clients with insights and support from our network to help achieve their vision.


ICA Consultations connect you with subject matter expert for a call or an in-person meeting


ICA Placements bring highly skilled professionals, with an agreed bespoke delivery framework to you

The Best Way to Build a Team

No matter the size of your project, you will benefit from signing up with ICA.


Here’s what we think.

Highlighting impact of COVID19 on work places

Impact of COVID19 on health and care interim market

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Think Outside The Box

How to maximise the value of independent contractors

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Ica Independent Contractors

Why health and care sector should hire more independent contractors?

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It has long been recognised that health, social care and third sector would more effectively and efficiently provide high quality, seamless and person-centred care with improved alignment and integration to…

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