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ICA is an exclusive network of health and care experts who are passionate about delivering within health and care sectors, ultimately making tangible improvements in peoples’ lives.

With increasing demands on our health and care system and development towards local integrated care systems, expert insights and placements are integral to ensure value for money. We connect our clients to such experts for consultations, placements or both.

A bespoke delivery framework ensures timely and satisfactory delivery.

About Us - Integrated Care Associates

Rehan Qureshi

Manging Director

Rehan Qureshi is the Managing Director, who also started ICA, leading network of health and care experts. Rehan has over 12 years’ experience working in health and care sector as an independent consultant and has used his insights to establish ICA.

Prior to starting ICA, Rehan was working with East London Health and Care Partnership, where he was responsible for developing North East London’s Primary Care Strategy and corresponding delivery frameworks. He also developed maturity and evaluation frameworks for primary care providers and primary care networks, liaising extensively with stakeholders across seven health and care systems.

Rehan also led multiple out of hospital programmes in his engagement with One Croydon Alliance, designing and delivering key work streams, analysis, modelling and expert advice to One Croydon Alliance Partners. Here, he brought local voluntary/community providers and Alliance partners together to maximise existing provision and set up a local voluntary partnership model.

Rehan has delivered improvement and efficiency programmes throughout his career.

Rehan holds a BA in Economics and MA in Business Administration. A passionate sports fan who enjoys non-fiction, Rehan lives in London.


Given the national push towards integration, more and more roles are emerging in matrix governance structures. These are sometimes hard to define but yet are increasingly crucial to the delivery of overall objectives.

Over the years, we found that agencies and job boards do not necessarily provide the skills required to deliver the expected outcomes. This is because where the skills requirement has changed, agencies have continued to recycle the old skills in new wrapping.

We know that health and care sector in England is enriched with experienced brilliant minds who share our passion for integrated care. The only issue has been to identify them within given limitations of resources.

Integrated Care Associates was created to bring together such minds and build a community where we can cross pollinate them across various health and care systems while creating an economic opportunity for each. Numerous discussions with many such individuals has helped us get to this point. We are indebted to these individuals for their input.

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