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Development and delivery in health and care demands a deep understanding of the sectors and the ability to work with matrix governance structures. Sometimes just a phone call or an in-person meeting with an expert can accelerate your programme in the right direction. Sometimes a placement becomes necessary for the delivery of the programme. Whatever your requirements, we are here to help.

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How It Works


Identify Your Requirements

What are the required outcomes?
Where are the gaps? (capacity, skills, expertise)
What are delivery timelines?
ICA will work with you to assess your requirements in detail

Co-Design a Plan

ICA will co-design a bespoke delivery framework with you.
- Consultations
- Placements


ICA will work in constant feedback loop with clients, experts and placements (as required) until delivery


Here’s what we think.

Think Outside The Box

How to get better value for money from independent contractors

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Ica Independent Contractors

Why health and care sector should hire more independent contractors?

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It has long been acknowledged that health, social care and community (voluntary) services should be much better aligned and integrated to efficiently provide high quality, seamless and person-centred care to…

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